Travel Blog

Hi loves, Travel blogs are usually associated with fancy destination pictures. Now I have to admit that I myself get sucked in to those pretty beach pictures on Instagram’s explorer page… but for me personally when I travel, I thrive to come home with more knowledge than what I left with. Exploring new cultures, being surrounded by other points of views, mindsets. Hearing a new language that makes me curious again. Spark the need to understand. FOOD. I love to try most of the typical cuisine of my destination, it says things words can’t. It marks a memory. A memory later triggered by a smell.

I want to start this series mainly with new and upcoming trips, and I have plenty coming up this year. I want to do this because my outlook in past travels were selfish. I wasn’t taking it in with the intend to share. It sounds weird but all that that means is that now I have to be more conscious of what I’m feeling and why. Only then can I truly share my opinion. This too is new to me so let’s have some fun with this, shall we?