Panama’s Love Story

Hi loves, 

Last week I missed my window for writing a blog and you would wonder why? It’s not like you have anything else to do sitting at home in quarantine. Yes, you’re right and as much I would like to stay positive, something I have been a big advocate of specially during these circumstances, but somehow it just gets to you one way or another. Maybe it’s subconsciously, but I just simply didn’t have the drive or inspiration to write about anything.

The thought of this pandemic lasting for another two months maybe even more can definitely take a toll on you no matter how positive you want to stay. As I’ve mentioned before I want to be as authentic and honest as possible with my readers about myself and my experiences in life. The good and the bad. 


So, what could I write about to make myself feel good and do the same for my readers? Taking all of us on a journey through memory lane on one of my last trips was the perfect idea. So here it goes; A little love story getaway to Panama! 


I was in Costa Rica visiting my boyfriend who lives there part time as do his parents, having met them prior, it was so nice to see them again and spend some time together as well. Now, let’s get into my little trip within a trip.

The flight from Costa Rica to Panama is only about 45 minutes, so going for the day, as crazy as that sounds, its definitely possible. Flying into Panama you see a skyline along the coast that you can easily compare to New York, but instead of it being never ending, its overtaken by nature. Arriving at the airport in the early morning only to find out that our driver was late, Niels turns to me and says with a smile; “Hey, welcome to Latin America...” If you’ve ever been, you can automatically relate. For the ones that have yet to explore countries like these, let’s just say they have a very “laid back” mentality. Once the driver arrived and we were on our way, you get taken on this drive that leads from next to nothing to a city that is built on a large amount of history mixed with endless cultures. A place where modern and colonial styles come together to form this incredible happy atmosphere. It was absolutely beautiful to experience. 

We wanted to spend one night to celebrate our 6 months anniversary, so Niels booked a romantic room overlooking the beautiful Panamanian skyline at the W hotel. Placed in the middle of the madness, walking distance from almost anything you need when you’re going for the day. We both tend to get “hangry”, so for the sake of starting out our quick getaway on a happy note, we decided to prioritize a nice lunch. A quick lunch at a local restaurant and we were good to go. First, he decided to take me for a stroll through Casco Viejo (Spanish for Old Quarter), a historic district in Panama. It was designated a World Heritage in 1997. We went through all the little streets making sure we took it all in. Surrounded by newly renovated structures mixed with the old and broken (but still functioning) buildings. The cutest little restaurants with terraces, street level of these buildings. Roads leading to historic plazas such as Plaza de la Independencia, Plaza Bolivar or Plaza Herrera. The most incredible and overwhelming churches, yes plural. I was in total awe and trying my very best to take it all in whilst we had a glass of wine. 

After a long day of exploring, we get back to the hotel for a nap and got ready for our date night. He picked Makoto, a Japanese restaurant for dinner and let’s just say, we both still dream of the incredible food we had that night.  (Niels is equally as much of a foodie as I am, so every memory we create almost always go hand in hand with food!)  

I don’t like to compare because I feel like everyone experiences things or places differently but let me tell you this, the prices for food and transportation are very acceptable. Especially if you compare them to the craziness that is Los Angeles. The people are incredibly welcoming and friendly and so patriotic. There is no escaping the Panamanian flag as it is literally EVERYWHERE. The weather (October) was quite hot and humid. Your hair might not be too happy with you but trust me, your skin will love you!

To sum up my 24-hour trip to panama the best that I can and asking myself if I’d ever go back again…?

My answer would be an absolute YES! I got my fedora hat ready and can’t wait to go back again, maybe for a few days. The Panama Canal is definitely top of our to-do list for next time. (We didn’t get the chance to see it this time because we chose to have a nice lengthy lunch before our flight back to Costa Rica the next day instead.)  

I have to say, reliving this moment brought back so many happy memories and definitely sparked my mood during this time of quarantine… Please, if you’re reading this, feel free to share your current tips or tricks on how you’re handling all of this. If you feel like it, you can send a direct message to @essentialsbyss! <3