My favorite crystal.

Hi loves, To be very honest with you all, I added “lifestyle” as a category because I feel like it’s where I can fit in and share my personal growth. Maybe not even sharing it as much but also more learning as I write. My whole life I have been big on manifesting what you desire. Hopefully this can be a blog series where I let you see what I’m manifesting and how I go about it. I am sure that when the word “manifest” comes up many conclusions are drawn, and assumptions are made.

Basically, it all starts with a thought. Thoughts go hand in hand with your own energy. In life we all have experiences and your energy decides how those are perceived. In conclusion, your thoughts and energy create your reality. That is manifesting to me. Since it all starts with thoughts, I make it a priority to always try and have my thoughts be as positive as possible. That’s a mindset. Maintaining something such as a strong mindset isn’t easy.

It takes a lot of practice and work. You have to take good care of yourself aka your mindset. What I do to maintain my mindset is giving myself a routine Monday through Friday. I usually wake up around 7 am, I get up to get my coffee and that is where I see my first reminder. On my coffee table I have this beautiful heart shaped rose quarts crystal. It stands for self-love and inner healing. Two major statements there alone. It makes my heart beat a little faster every time I see it. After I finish my coffee and my schedule allows for it, I love to go for a work out. Maybe a quick gym session, a hike or just a nice walk to get the blood flowing. After that I have my second cup of coffee and check my emails. A good shower and my mind is set to achieve my daily goals. I’m so OCD with writing everything down so I don’t forget. This allows me to have and maintain a focused, clear and sharp mind. Calendar is the obvious go to, but let me tell you, Notes are my best friend. Its filled with fun memories, grocery lists, business plans, quotes/Instagram captions and God knows what else. All and all its just one big cycle of how you put yourself together. Its where you lay your focus within yourself. In the future it will be less of my view on manifesting, and more about some of the things that I’m currently manifesting on. So many exciting thoughts. ;)