Languages Between Lovers

Hi loves,

Do you know the mental state you can sometimes get in, where you’re debating if you should say something or not? Well, that has been me for a while now and let me tell you, next time that thought enters your head, the answer is always YES! So here I am sharing the long-debated post. This is me sharing a vulnerable and raw side of me. A side of me that I want my followers to know about. When I started to brainstorm about starting a blog, the one and only goal for me that never left my mind was that I wanted to share as much as possible with my readers. From my favorite candle scent to my latest makeup obsession. But the moment it went live, I realized that now for the first time ever, I have the possibility to show who I truly am. I personally feel like I’ve always tried my best to stay as close to myself as possible and I’m very proud of that. I now would like to share some of my insecurities with you all in the hopes of maybe starting a nice conversation about it. Sharing an experience, growing and improving one another. No matter how young or old you may be, it’s all equally valid.

We all are beautiful in our own skin. As the famous saying goes; Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and colors. That is what makes us so unique as individuals, something that we should all learn to embrace. I’ve always struggled to look how I wanted to look in my mind. Being like those beautiful Instagram models, cut lean and toned. No showing of any kind of cellulite or stretchmarks on their bodies. Don’t get me wrong, many of them are probably genetically blessed like that, but is that really the reality? Growing older, I’ve learned to accept and love the body that I have. Through all her ups and downs, I’ve decided to be there for her. I love the body that I have, with all her cellulite, stretch marks and some rolls here and there. That never-ending quest to lose those last 5-7lbs… Ha! 

Look, I am definitely conscious about working out and watching my diet. Taking care of your body is so important. It gives back to you what you put in. But being a total foodie, I don’t want to deprive myself from that cheeky dessert after a full-on dinner. Those midnight cravings that can be so sweet or the third glass of wine on a Sunday afternoon. I’ve come to terms that moderation is literally the key. Consistency is another word that lingers in my mind when thinking about maintaining that healthy, balanced lifestyle.

There have been times where I’m like really feeling myself and consider myself “very fit”, but I think there have been more instances where I’m up in weight and feeling myself a little less. That’s okay! Those moments of weight gain can be caused for many different reasons. Lately it has mainly been me being stressed that’s the cause for these ups and downs, not necessarily negative, just stress. My go to for when my head just gets overloaded and backed up, a good nice hike to clear my mind should do the trick. For me it happens naturally as I struggle to make it to the top… 

When it comes down to toning and actually staying in shape, I try to go to the gym 2-3 times a week. Lucky girl I am having two brothers who run their own gym and at the same time both being certified trainers, they are sure to put their sister in check when needed. Thanks, lillebrors! At the end of the day, I can only do my best and that should be good enough. Of course, some days, I am better and stronger. You can’t always be perfect. Don’t constantly deny yourself those things that deep down you know makes you extremely happy! Take life day by day, enjoy it to the fullest and experience all it has to offer with a huge smile on your face.



A nice buttery pasta all’ Amatriciana with a full-bodied glass of red wine, some bread and butter on the side… Yumm! Enjoy the lazy day but get excited about that 1-hour gym session that’s going to kick your ass the next day!




Personally, food is one of the biggest and best pleasures in life, its right up there next to ... Traveling to different places and experiencing different cuisines is honestly one of my biggest passions in life. It brings people together and sharing that amongst loved ones is truly priceless. 

So, bottom line for now… It is okay not to look like how you envisioned in your mind. Remember, perfection is something that is perceived differently by everyone and for me, it’s defined by way more than just what’s on the outside. This is me enjoying life and taking it all in with (almost) no filters. ;) I am no longer scared of people’s opinions. They no longer have a place within me. No longer do I care for people’s thoughts on what beauty should be like. I have found my own perfection from within, and everyone’s worthy of experiencing that. Only one self has that kind of power and I am happy in my OWN skin.