Mar 18 , 2020

Happy Self-Quarantine(ing)

Hi loves, As I’m sitting by the fireplace on this gloomy late Tuesday morning only one important topic comes to mind to write about... COVID-19 outbreak that has affected millions of people around the world. Some of us are panicking without a rational or common-sense mentality, and some are bein...

Mar 02 , 2020

Languages Between Lovers

Hi loves, Do you know the mental state you can sometimes get in, where you’re debating if you should say something or not? Well, that has been me for a while now and let me tell you, next time that thought enters your head, the answer is always YES! So here I am sharing the long-debated post. Thi...

Jan 20 , 2020

My favorite crystal.

Hi loves, To be very honest with you all, I added “lifestyle” as a category because I feel like it’s where I can fit in and share my personal growth. Maybe not even sharing it as much but also more learning as I write. My whole life I have been big on manifesting what you desire. Hopefully this c...