AMA's Styling

Hi loves,

FASHION. There’s a statement for you. Fashion for me is a statement, it’s a timeless cycle you go through in life, it’s the way you represent yourself, it’s a mindset. I think that should do it to break the ice. Now let’s bring on the fun stuff and talk about one of my last and favorite statements. I don’t like to toot my own horn, but my AMA’s look was OUT OF THIS WORLD… I first off would like to give a major s/o to my girls @carlyxhair & @lyndsayzmakeup! These girls helped me bring my vision to life and honestly, they KILLED it. Now let me tell you how it all started and how the look came together. So, as a girl, you can imagine that for something big like this a little preparation would be nice.

Well truth be told; I did not experience it this way lol. I received the invitation 5 days before I was scheduled to leave on a business/personal trip. Being away for 10 days arriving back to LA 1 day before the event. In situations like these, when an event is as big as the AMA’s, I usually like to involve a stylist to help me create a look.

This is something I have always loved being hands on with. Sadly, I figured there wasn’t enough time to find the correct stylist and put together a look. As I mentioned before, I love being hands on when it comes to fashion. Putting together a look is something I love doing, no matter for what the situation might be. A red carpet or a lazy Sunday look. So, I dug into my closet and became my own stylist. (I love saying that).

I pulled a basic black Chloe tuxedo jacket and laid it out on the bed. It was long enough for me to wear as a “dress” but definitely short enough to make you feel sexy. ;)

I wanted to start a new paragraph because I felt like that was a strong ending… anyway I am not that much of a daredevil, so I played it safe and pulled an old H&M tuxedo shorts I had bought years ago. Side note, I may be considered a bit of a hoarder, but I only buy pieces I consider timeless. For always. The shorts were short enough to where they did not show, and I did not have to worry! To tie the outfit together I wore Wolford hosiery with a simple seam line in the back.

SHOES! Black velvet Tom Ford pumps for the win! It’s timeless, simple, chic with a bit of sexy. As some of you may know, I am a part of the Piaget family. One of the perks of that is that they will “dress” you in their finest, most unique pieces. It’s basically a fairytale, but that ends right after the event when you have to take it right off and hand it over to the security that comes with wearing it. I had told them about my vision for my look and they paired it with a beautiful necklace and incredible earrings to complete the look. My hair and face were also something special, thanks to Carly & Lyndsay. I wanted to get into it but that deserves its own post. I will have to get together with them and maybe do a tutorial…

Let me know things you guys would want to know on how this hair and makeup came together and we will show you guys!