Sun Loving Care

 Hi Loves,

My life lately has been like a roller coaster the last few months. Trying to juggle building the blog and website, some secret side projects, work events being canceled left and right because of the Coronavirus and trying to have somewhat of a personal life as well... it’s been a lot.

I promised myself not to have set dates for new blogs but try to write whenever inspiration hits. Maybe just a cool little tip or trick, for me it doesn’t always have to be so crazy intense of a story, right?

The last few weeks especially have been very much of a legging and a sweater mood for me. Make up didn’t even enter my mind at any point. Sometimes I go through these phases where all my focus is on my goals and daily tasks to achieve them and I just forget to take care of my appearance for a bit. I consider these moments of growth, embracing the meaning of the angelic numbers 444. I’ve been seeing 444 literally EVERYWHERE!

During these days I rock my go to "no makeup, makeup look". Did I say that right? I’ll get into my tips or tricks for that look some other time, because there are a few steps but for my skin there’s only one step, so let me share with you this tip. ;)

Some of you may know that the first half of my life I spent growing up in Norway. Fun fact, if you didn’t know that, may I also share with you that I speak fluent Norwegian... That’s right!

Anyways, the sun there (whenever it decides to come out) can be extremely harsh, therefore at an early age I was already taught to put on sunscreen every single morning. I’ve stayed true to that until this very day and let me tell you; my skin is extremely thankful for it. We don’t get many summer days over in Norway but even when the sun is not out, the UV rays are still very strong.

I’ve honestly obsessed with trying to find the right sunscreen and not sure when the last time was when you checked for sunscreen but the options are simply overwhelming. Some are too greasy and that’ll result in breakouts or irritations or some will lay on your skin and not really absorb leaving a light white cast. The list goes on but let’s get to the point. Over the years I’ve had my favorites and bulked up on or some that I threw out even faster than I got it.



Throughout the never-ending search, I came across one I hadn’t tried yet. It was the new Lancôme Rénergie Lift Multi-Action Ultra SPF 30 Moisturizer. That’s a mouthful, isn't it? Funny enough the long name wasn’t the only thing that caught my eye, the packaging is just so appealing and pretty. It won’t just look great on your sink but also on your face! This is an anti-aging cream and sun protection all in one!! That’s music to my ears!








I've used up my first jar already and my skin is loving it! It's light enough to melt on your skin, I have 0 breakouts or irritations and also, it makes a perfect base for your makeup! 

While protecting your face during the day from the sun this cream also works as an anti-aging cream, so it lifts, firms and corrects dark spots. Win-win for me! My tip here is to never leave the house without protecting your skin from the sun and suggesting one of my favorite finds so far! Your skin will glow, and those makeup free days will be twice as great.